What’s going to happen to the blog?

Dear families, teachers, and friends, The school year is starting, and for the first time in Founders Classical of Leander's history, I'm not there. Instead I'm on the road with our curriculum and instruction team, meeting a group of teachers and school leaders who are about to do exactly what we did six years ago.… Continue reading What’s going to happen to the blog?

Dr. O’Toole’s New Position

Dear Founders families, I am pleased to tell you I have been offered a position at Hillsdale College leading the efforts of the Barney Charter School Initiative and the College’s other programs in K-12 education. I have decided to accept that position, and that means that this will be my last year at Founders Classical… Continue reading Dr. O’Toole’s New Position

Classical Education from Home

This fall has been the season of tours. Every week (and lately three or four times a week!) I've been walking through our school with prospective parents, returning parents, local and state officials (including two policy advisors to our lieutenant governor), and people interested in starting classical schools like ours in Texas and other states.… Continue reading Classical Education from Home

“Begetting Wonder”: Education in an Age of Irony, by Dr. David Whalen

"Appreciate literary irony, but do not attempt to live ironically. Remain—or become—susceptible to wonder and awe, not for sentimental and anti-intellectual reasons but for reasons quite the reverse. Wonder is to be cultivated because it is the necessary antecedent to all genuine intellectual growth, and essential for an adult life lived intelligently, comprehensively." - Dr. Whalen at Second Annual Commencement Ceremony